High Quality Shelter for the Developing World




ReMaterials develops and utilizes innovative materials with the goal of providing superior shelter for slums and villages in the developing world.  Our first product, pictured here, is a modular roofing solution made from waste.


Global Challenge

Over 1 billion people in slums and villages worldwide are not safe, secure, or proud of their homes because they lack adequate roofing.  

Typical roofing in urban slums, Ahmedabad India

Typical roofing in urban slums, Ahmedabad India

Widely used roofing options in these communities are corrugated cement and metal sheets.  These options result in unbearably high indoor temperatures and contain toxic substances like asbestos.  They also crack and corrode easily, causing water leakage and requiring regular maintenance.  Another roofing option is concrete slab, which is highly expensive and therefore unaffordable.

To better understand the issues surrounding roofing, ReMaterials interviewed households in slums and villages across India.  This is what we heard:

"My top most priority is to get my house fixed, especially the roof."

"We cannot sleep inside the house.  Even at night, it is hot and suffocating." 

"We have to fix the roof five to six times a year because of wind, rain, dogs, and monkeys running on the roof."

“We cannot afford concrete slab roof and there are no other options."

"It doesn't feel like a home!"

We discovered that lack of roofing options in the market negatively affects physical well-being, social interactions, and incomes resulting in poor quality of life.  

To solve the problem, ReMaterials started product development and manufacturing operations for our modular roofing solution.  Currently the company is based in Ahmedabad, India and has future plans to expand globally throughout Asia, Africa, and South America.

Learn more about our roofing solution here.