ModRoof is a modular roofing system for slum and village homes in the developing world.

The main component of the roofing system is panels that are custom manufactured from packaging and agriculture waste. To address the challenges of operating in the developing world, ReMaterials designed the roofing system to be modular allowing easy shipment, installation, and replacement of individual panels.  With its fresh and colorful appearance, ModRoof is aesthetically appealing, making it a truly aspirational product.

“Due to the heat [in my home], my husband developed breathing problems... If I wanted a concrete roof, it would be out of my budget, but ModRoof is available through a loan system, and it’s just as good as a concrete roof.”
— Meena Soni, ModRoof customer
“The roof looks nice in appearance, it stays cool, and water does not leak. Everyone [at home] likes it, and whoever comes to see it loves it.”
— Prabha Brahman, ModRoof customer
“ModRoof is very attractive, and so easy to install. Our customers have shown great interest in this innovative housing product, and we would like to finance it for customers all over India.”
— Mahila Housing SEWA Trust, microfinance organization, Ahmedabad

Compared to the available roofing options on the market, ModRoof excels in every aspect and is available for purchase at easy monthly installments. Our unique financing model makes ModRoof accessible to low-income homes, making possible our mission of providing high quality shelter to millions of families around the world.

ReMaterials has prototyped solar cells integrated into ModRoof panels. Solar ModRoof panels can power LED lights and charge cell phones, adding to the long-term value of ModRoof ownership.