Customer Profile: Hansaben


Work profile and company: Tempo/Mini-truck driver (husband)

Individual income: 15,000/mo+

Salary receipts available: No

Other sources of family income: 2 sons make 10,000/mo each

Assets owned: Motorcycle, television, cell phone, refrigerator, washing machine


Home & Roof Profile

Current roof type: Cement

Problems with current roof: Heat

Number of rooms: 1 room + outer area

Size of desired roof: 368 sq ft

Cost of ModRoof installation: 81,000

Family ability to pay: 25,000 up front, 3,000/mo 

Personal Information

Primary contact name: Hansaben

Age: 38

Profession: Housewife

LocationThakkar Nagar, Ahmedabad

Family members in home: 2 adults, 3 children

Identification available: Driver's license, election card, PAN card, Adhaar card, electricity bill

House ownership documents: None



Loans already taken: Yes (1)

Source of loan: Janlakshmi

Individual loan amount: 25,000

Installment amount being paid: 1,360/mo

Insurance: Life Insurance Corporation, 433/m0

School fees expenditure: 542/mo

Petrol expenditure: 500/mo

Electricity expenditure: 1,000/mo